Microbatch craft vodka made exclusively with water
from an ancient glacier in the polar arctic.

Our premium vodka is made exclusively with water from the Vestfonna glacier system in western Svalbard, not far from the North Pole. 

No glaciers are harmed in the production of Svalbard Vodka. We wait for nature to take its course and then harvest individual icebergs by hand from the cold, clean waters of the arctic sea. This is a complicated process subject to the vagaries of wind and weather, further constrained by the extent of the highly variable polar ice cap. Harvesting is seasonal as the sun does not rise at all for a long period in the winter and temperatures plunge accordingly. Each iceberg is inspected by hand and only the purest glacier ice is used to produce Svalbard Vodka—the only true arctic vodka.

Svalbard Vodka is one of the most exclusive vodka brands in the world because it is rarely available outside of Spitsbergen in the Norwegian arctic. Our vodka can sometimes be found in the finest restaurants and clubs, casinos, cruise ships, resorts and better retailers, subject to availability.


Svalbard is a vast arctic archipelago located northeast of Greenland, just ten degrees of latitude from the North Pole. Covered by massive, ancient glaciers, this pristine land features fjords, mountains, snow and ice. It is a place where time is measured in centuries and where little has changed for thousands of years. Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard, is the northernmost inhabited place in the world. Polar bears outnumber people in the islands, which are protected as an environmental preserve by a 100 year old international treaty. Svalbard is truly the purest place on Earth.

A peaceful environment

preserved and
protected for over
100 years